“The Sustainables”

350 crowd panorama 400 wHere are the other independent local organizations that network with Sustainable Novato.

Sust Marin shortenedSustainable Marin is the center of a network of community-based, all-volunteer, non-profit groups at the neighborhood, city and town levels advocating for more emphasis on sustainability in government, business and everyday life.  Each of the groups have a slightly different emphasis, depending of the particular character and challenges each community may face.  But all have a common focus on working constructively and cooperatively with all  the best ideas and newest approaches that experience may provide.

SSR Logo from websiteSustainable San Rafael focuses on climate protection.  SSR has helped City of San Rafael devise a promising community climate action plan, provided leadership in a widely praised green buildings ordinance, and has nosted numerous civic forums on climate change, zero waste, low-carbon transportation, electric vehicles and city planning.

Sust fairfax logoSustainable Fairfax  has shown the way toward town permaculture with its pesticides-free, water-stingy demonstration garden, its grassroots projects on water conservation, green energy and zero waste, its political and civic leadership, its fun “Streets for People” fetes, craft fairs, and charity benefits.

Sust San Anselmo logoSustainable San Anselmo  has a nurtured community food swapping and garden exchange, now in its fifth year.  SSA has militated for increased community support for electric vehicles, energy efficiency, and clean power.


Sust Mill Valley LogoSustainable Mill Valley has historically been at the forefront of Marin’s sustainability movement, worked to make “sustainability” the central theme of the County’s master plan, and has launched careers of various community leaders.

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