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Meeting on Sea Level Rise
City Hall, Novato, April 29
How vulnerable will Novato be to rising seas? Find out at a community meeting at Novato City Hall 10 am- 12 noon, Saturday, April 29. Cities in Marin have partnered with the County to prepare a vulnerability assessment. Play the “Game of Floods” and become part of the solution.

Check for information.

Council Votes for Sustainability
And City Climate Coordinator
Kudos to Novato City Council for voting 5-0 on March 7 to hire a sustainability coordinator to implement the City’s Climate Action Plan, as Sustainable Novato has advocated along with Sierra Club, Marin Conservation League, Novato Democratic Club, Resilient Neighborhoods and others. The Coordinator will lead action on the greenhouse reduction measures in Novato’s updated General Plan. Special thanks go to Councilmember Josh Fryday for spearheading the effort.
Climate Action Plan to Include
Resilient Neighborhoods Program
Novato City Manager said March 7 he would put Resilient Neighborhoods into the City’s Climate Action Plan. RN is an all-volunteer movement Marin-wide that helps households and neighborhoods reduce their carbon footprint and prepare for emergencies. RN teams have already cut carbon usage more than 3 million pounds. Contact to sign up.
City Votes to Budget for
100% Green Electricity
City Council asked City Manager March 7 to budget for switching the City’s electricity accounts to MCE Deep Green. MCE provides 100- percent clean energy at a cost only slightly above its regular rate, which beats the incumbent utility’s rate.  MCE’s Local Sol power will draw directly from solar at Novato’s former rock quarry. Deep Green still needs more push from citizens to get City budget approval.

Let City Council know your views at

Volunteers Green Hamilton
SMART Station with Oaks, Plants
Hats off to Sustainable Novato’s Donn Davy and his Hamilton tree-planting volunteers. Last month they completed the first stage of community-organized landscaping at Hamilton’s SMART Station. Many dozens of young oaks, all with wire tree protectors, and native plants now grace the station’s parking lot. Donn is seeking funding to complete an irrigation system. Donn’s project will beautify the community, reduce carbon emissions, air pollution and summer heat when the trees reach maturity. Tax-deductible donations are greatly appreciated, payable to “Hamilton Community Development”.

Send to 116 Portsmouth Drive, Novato, 94949, or email

Alternatives to Cancer-Causing
Pesticides and Herbicides
City landscapers still use the cancer-causing herbicide RoundUp (Glyphosate), e.g. near water along Hamilton levee. Sustainable Novato urges the City to explore less harmful methods of controlling weeds. Glyphosate is being put on the State of California’s list of carcinogenic chemicals and is banned by MMWD and several Marin cities. The City should partner with County of Marin in campaigning to reduce community-wide use. The County can offer training in alternatives. To join Sustainable Novato’s efforts against toxics, enlist at For more information, contact Let City Council know what you think at
Novato Schools Now Solarized,
Saving Money, Cutting Pollution
Congratulations to Novato Superintendent of Schools Jim Hogeboom and the NUSD School Board for installing solar power at ten Novato schools. The arrays serve as parking-lot sun shields and will save the schools’ budgets hundreds of thousands of dollars over their lifetime, as well as reducing carbon and air pollution from grid power generation. (Hamilton’s City swimming pool solar array will similarly be cranking out clean power this year.)

Our mission is to bring about a healthy and vital environment, self-reliant economy, and inclusive community for the long term.

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