Marin’s Green Business Incubator

V greenhouse building

Starting a new business has always been a very tough, and sometimes very lonely, job. But today, North Bay innovators now have someone on their side.  The Venture Greenhouse is an initiative of Dominican University, partnering with the city of San Rafael and a long list of support organizations, service providers and investor groups. It was conceived as “a business accelerator and incubator for social & environmental entrepreneurs and a community resource for innovators and new ventures.”

What that means is resources . . . all sorts of resources for people trying to start new green/sustainability-related businesses. This includes faculty from Dominican’s famous Green MBA program, mentors who have done it themselves, networking with potential partners, advisors, investors(!) and much more.

This video explains the idea:

You can learn much, much more at the Venture Greenhouse website.  And while you’re there, be sure to subscribe to The Venture Greenhouse Almanac, their monthly e-newsletter, which is a Greenhouse news grabsort of community bulletin board for the entrepreneur community.  (Go to this page and enter your e-mail address in “Email Subscription” the box on the right.)

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