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December 2013 Issue – County toxic spraying; North Redwood Corridor Plan; Green building at risk; Integrated Pest Management for Novato – when?; Free home composting; Traveling by air?  Use carbon offsets.;  Clean solar power in Novato?  Where?  Not at Green Point Nursery; Novato’s Financial Sustainability, and more.  Click to read

May 2013 Issue – Speak up on Plan Bay Area at May 9 Forum; see our TV show on local solutions to climate Change; Check out our terrific new website (Oh.  Right.  You’re already reading it.) Home composting classes, including a great deal on a quality worm bin or compost bin. Click to read. 

April 2013 Issue – Our Premier Issue – Broadcast times for Bob Brown’s TV program on climate change; news on Climate Action planning, clean power and Integrated Pest Management from Novato City Hall; Earth Day Marin events on April 21, the next public Open House on the “One Bay Area PLan” and more.  Click to read