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RideScout app compares all the ways to get around the Bay Area!

ridescoutappWant to know how long it will take you to go from your home to work and to know all the available transportation means, including walking and biking?  Well then you need the free  RideScout app for iOS or Android.  Check out this review on and give it a try.  I did and came away very impressed.  Roy Pfeifer. RideScout app article

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Vote for a Novato Bicycle Park to Encourage Youth to Cycle More

Bicycle RidersEncouraging Novatans to ride their bikes more is a small, but important, part of sustainability in Novato.  More bikes = less cars = less pollution and congestion.  Our youth especially need encouragement to get on their bikes either for transportation, or to just get them away from computer screens and stay fit.  That encouragement can come in many forms, but in this case the encouragement comes in the form of a BIG MONEY grant from Bell Helmets to build a bike park in Novato.

We would like you to support cycling with a vote for the Stafford Novato Bike Park, which is in a critical phase of selection.  Other areas of the country are also competing for these funds, so every vote for the Stafford Bike Park is critical and will only take a couple of minutes of your time.
Whatever else you are doing today, please make this important.  I hope each person will vote and help us bypass Flagstaff, Arizona which is currently ahead by 200 votes. Here is the link and please share it with other people who can vote:
When voting, the security code is numeric, but put a space between the “shaded” number(s) and the unshaded numbers. This will ensure that  you receive the critical confirmation email so your vote is counted.
Thank you for supporting cycling in Novato!  Two wheels + two pedals = great things.


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Improve Your Carpooling Karma

Carma SF Home600 w

Carma is a new FaceBook & SmartPhone-based system for turning your carbon-reducing good intentions into reality.  Now it’s available in the Bay Area and the Transportation Authority of Marin is helping to promote it. (It’s been up and running successfully in Washington, DC, Austin, TX and several European cities  for a while.)

Once you’ve signed up and downloaded the phone app, you just log in and enter your travel information – especially the trips you make daily or weekly – and through the magic of the computer, you’re put in touch with potential ride share partners.  And here’s the best part: Carma actually pays you for each trip.  Save money and reduce your carbon signature.  What’s not to like.

You can learn all about it the the Carma Website.

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Novato Leads on Electric Cars

Leaf recharging 640 wNovato city planners are working toward five convenient, local Electric Vehicle charging stations.  Novatans Donn Davy and Nancy Foster are enjoying their Nissan Leaf  with electricity from  the PV panels on their home’s roof . Both their heating and transportation come at very low cost and virtually zero carbon emissions, because the sun powers both his house and car.   Read more about Donn’s solarized, low-carbon driving.

And here are some more resources on EVs:


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Novato Installs EV charging Stations

Car at charge staThe City of Novato is going electric! The first publicly-accessible electric vehicle charging station was installed this week at 917 Sherman (near City Council chambers). The public is invited to come Downtown and use the new charger to charge their electric vehicles (and shop/eat Downtown while the car is charging!). For a limited time, charging will be free–an additional incentive to drive electric.

During the next few weeks, five more chargers will be installed at three other locations: three at the Zenk parking lot (on Reichert near DeLong), one at the Gymnastics Center parking lot (7th near Grant), and one at the Hamilton Community Center parking lot (South Palm Drive near Hamilton Parkway). These charges feature both 220 and 110 volt-charging capabilities.

Last year, the City worked with the community and City Council to identify the optimal charging locations throughout Novato. The installation is entirely funded by grants, as part of a countywide and Bay Area electric vehicle infrastructure program to encourage the use of electric vehicles.

To learn more about EV chargers, or to sign up for an account for your EV, visit the ChargePoint website .

And here are some more resources on EVs:

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Workshop Addresses PEV Finance Issues

Long banner of exotic EVsOn February 1, 2013, over 120 key stakeholders gathered at Golden Gate University in San Francisco for a workshop focused on outlining the scope of investment opportunities throughout the Plug-in Electric Vehicle (PEV) sector, identifying barriers and obstacles to capitalization, and discussing how policy initiatives might support PEV financing mechanisms.  Renewables 100 Policy Institute helped organize the event, which was sponsored by the Offices of the California Governor and Treasurer and the California PEV Collaborative.

The workshop was catalyzed by an Executive Order issued by Governor Brown in March 2012 on Zero Emission Vehicles. This Executive Order supports the rapid commercialization of zero emission vehicles, sets aggressive targets for promoting private sector investments in California, and aims to make California a leader in the entire zero emission vehicle manufacturing value chain.

The event provided a “roll up your sleeves” opportunity to align strategies and explore emerging financing ideas to build the PEV market.  Ideas spawned at the workshop will inform next practical steps for how California tackles critical cost and infrastructure hurdles, outlines and prioritizes investment opportunities, and advances the Governor’s goals.

Read more about this event and related work at the Renewables 100 website.

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