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imagesAir travel is a large and growing source of greenhouse gases.Given that this and other human activity is now causing global climate change,
as well as the current planetary mass-extinction of species,
we need to find ways to minimize and offset our personal contribution to greenhouse emissions.

But how?

RECs! (Renewable Energy Credits) and Air Travel Offsets.

Organizations work to create projects which offset greenhouse gas emissions from air travel.
They do it by planting trees, building renewable electricity generation, and the like.

And their offsets are relatively cheap: under $25 dollars can offset a cross-country flight, for two!

Check out:

These organizations are well-vetted to do what they say they are doing: helping you to save the planet!

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RideScout app compares all the ways to get around the Bay Area!

ridescoutappWant to know how long it will take you to go from your home to work and to know all the available transportation means, including walking and biking?  Well then you need the free  RideScout app for iOS or Android.  Check out this review on and give it a try.  I did and came away very impressed.  Roy Pfeifer. RideScout app article

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Donn Davy’s EV Experience

Donn DavyAfter a year and a half of driving our Nissan Leaf all-electric zero emissions car, do we still like it? Did we make the right decision in leasing it? Has it met our expectations? Are we happy EV drivers?  To all these questions we offer a resounding, “yes!”.

The car is used more by my wife, since I work mostly out of an office in our home, and since I sometimes need to carry bulky equipment in my work.  The Leaf has adequate room for the equipment, but since it’s a new car, we choose to use the 2006 Prius instead.  Nancy drives the Leaf to work every day.  We take it to both airports, to the top of Mount Tam, to the tip of Point Reyes, to Santa Rosa and Healdsburg, to the East Bay, and of course on all types of shorter errands around Marin.  Continue Reading →

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Improve Your Carpooling Karma

Carma SF Home600 w

Carma is a new FaceBook & SmartPhone-based system for turning your carbon-reducing good intentions into reality.  Now it’s available in the Bay Area and the Transportation Authority of Marin is helping to promote it. (It’s been up and running successfully in Washington, DC, Austin, TX and several European cities  for a while.)

Once you’ve signed up and downloaded the phone app, you just log in and enter your travel information – especially the trips you make daily or weekly – and through the magic of the computer, you’re put in touch with potential ride share partners.  And here’s the best part: Carma actually pays you for each trip.  Save money and reduce your carbon signature.  What’s not to like.

You can learn all about it the the Carma Website.

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