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Donn Davy’s EV Experience

Donn DavyAfter a year and a half of driving our Nissan Leaf all-electric zero emissions car, do we still like it? Did we make the right decision in leasing it? Has it met our expectations? Are we happy EV drivers?  To all these questions we offer a resounding, “yes!”.

The car is used more by my wife, since I work mostly out of an office in our home, and since I sometimes need to carry bulky equipment in my work.  The Leaf has adequate room for the equipment, but since it’s a new car, we choose to use the 2006 Prius instead.  Nancy drives the Leaf to work every day.  We take it to both airports, to the top of Mount Tam, to the tip of Point Reyes, to Santa Rosa and Healdsburg, to the East Bay, and of course on all types of shorter errands around Marin.  Continue Reading →

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(Video) Saving the Night Sky

USLight POL mapThe great American naturalist, Rachael Carson, once wrote of seeing “the misty river of the Milky Way flowing across the sky” as she gazed upward on a moonless night. Today, it has become harder than ever to see the stars as cities, with their 24-hour lights continue to sprawl. Many children learn about the Milky Way only through books or films, Too often, poorly shielded outdoor lighting, even in Novato, blots out the night sky and its myriad wonders, wastes electricity, and adds to climate-disrupting carbon emissions.

This video, from the International Dark Sky Association shows that this isn’t simply an esthetic issue or a problem only for astronomers. Light pollution is causing serious problems throughout nature and in our own daily lives,

To learn more about the problem and about practical steps for reducing it, check the association’s website and this 2010 report from the Council of Europe.

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Tragic – Assembly Bill 2145 Heads for Senate


From the web pages of

For Immediate Release: May 29, 2014

Businesses, Local Governments, Community & Environmental Groups, Decry Assembly Vote
on Bill that Undermines Local Clean Energy

Sacramento, May 29, 2014 – A broad and diverse coalition of business, local government, community
and environmental organizations today decried the California Assembly’s passage yesterday of AB
2145. Labeling the bill the ‘Utility Monopoly Power Grab of 2014,’ they stated that if eventually passed
by the California Senate and signed into law, AB 2145 would dangerously undermine California’s
efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to create thousands of local clean energy jobs. In
the past few weeks, over one hundred local governments, government agencies, businesses and
business associations, public officials, and grassroots and consumer organizations have registered
strong opposition to AB 2145.
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URGENT!! Speak Up Now! (again) To Save Clean Energy







Remember Proposition 16?  Well, It’s Baaaack!  PG&E has put some lipstick on their piggie and brought it back as a bill called AB 2145.  The name has changed, but not the idea:  To undo the Community Choice clean energy process though political trickery. 

Big fat no roundIn 2010, we defeated PG&E at the polls, so this time they’re trying an end-run in the state legislature.  AB 2145 is a supposedly “pro-labor” measure that should more properly be labeled the “Monopoly Protection Act of 2014.”  It will effectively destroy Community Choice Aggregation (CCA), the mechanism that allowed the creation of Marin Clean Energy.  Right now, communities all aver the state, including our neighbor, Sonoma County, are gearing up to launch their own CCAs, and AB 2145 would kill them in their tracks.

Sustainable San Rafael and Sustainable Marin both strongly reject Assembly Bill 2145,

“No On 2145″ is a website put together by the grass-roots forces opposing this bill.  They’ve pulled together in-depth background on this awful bill, together with a wealth of talking points for your letters, e-mails and  phone calls.

NEWS FLASH: On May 29, the Assembly passed AB 2145.  The battle now moves to the State Senate.

The best place to stop it will be the Senate Commerce committee, which will be holding its public hearing on June 23.   So visit the the “No On 2145″ website now, gather up your talking points and follow their leads on who to contact and how.  We can and must stop this bill!

Our parent organization, Sustainable Marin sent this letter to the committee chair during the battle in the Assembly.  It contains key talking points you may want to use in your communication.

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URGENT! Help with a Final Push to Stop AB2145 – The Community Choice Killer Bill

Dutch houses w solar panlesMarin Friends of Community Choice:
Thanks for your valuable work in spreading the word against AB 2145, the CCA-killer bill that is still alive and amended for hearing in state Senate Appropriations Committee August 4, probably 10 am, Room 4205.  The bill can be further amended by proponents, so it could surreptitiously get even worse before surfacing in Senate Appropriations, so we need your action now.
The bill retains elements very damaging to CCAs.  Its only purpose is still to cripple CCAs as badly as possible.  It has no redeeming benefit or value. MCE remains opposed.  Our aim should be to end it in Senate Appropriations if possible, and to that end, we should be telling all members and staff of Appropriations — in person, by mail, by e-mail or phone, social media or website postings — what we think.  Senator Kevin de Leon (, Sacramento; and 213-482-9300, Los Angeles) chairs the Committee. Senator Jerry Hill (, Sacramento, and 650-212-3313, San Mateo) is a key member.  Staffers are:
There is a link below – the official position paper of Californians for Energy Choice, voice of the broad coalition of cities, counties and districts, trade unions, civic groups and environmental organizations that turned out 80 witnesses against AB 2145 at Senate Energy Committee June 23 where the deadly “opt-in” feature was withdrawn. There were more than 26,000 petition signatures against the bill. The paper outlines remaining dangers to CCA.  The paper should be distributed widely. See for latest news.
Please continue to help get the word around — and keep this in mind: this bill can be further amended by proponents, so it could surreptitiously get even worse before surfacing in Senate Appropriations.
That is why we need to keep the pressure on.
Click on the link below to see the full position paper and the language proponents of AB2145 are trying to insert into the newly amended bill:


Thank you for your help!

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