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Another Resilient Neighborhoods Team Reduces Carbon Footprint! Form your own team!

47. Marin Carbon Knights g copy

Residents from Novato, San Rafael and San Anselmo came together to form the Marin Carbon-Knights team to fight climate change. On average, they reduced their household emissions by 29% and collectively wiil prevent 48,000 lbs. of annual CO2 pollution. Some of the actions they took include signing up for MCE’s Deep Green 100% renewable energy, purchasing a plug-in hybrid car, reducing miles driven by 20%, installing a high efficiency toilet and putting in a gray water system. To create community resilience, they are gettiing earthquake insurance, completing household emergency plans, connecting with their neighbors and signing up for a CERT class. 
You can become one of the 660 Marin households who have reduced 2.85 million carbon lbs. through the Resilient Neighborhoods Program. Go to:, learn more and sign up for a team.  The program is free, fun and rewarding.
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Come join the Conversation with the Climate Action Working Group – Guest Speakers

Guy listeningPlease join the conversation this coming Friday morning, February 20, in a very important conversation for our community about Climate Change.

Jack Liebster, Marin County Planning Manager, Future Planning and Debbie Raphael, Director of San Francisco Department of the Environment will be our guest speakers for the Marin Conservation League Climate Action Working Group monthly meeting.


Debbie Raphael will briefly (3-5 minutes) respond to the following questions:
1) What is San Francisco doing to reach its Energy Efficiency (EE) goals? How are programs funded and who administers them? Are there changes that could be made at the CPUC which would make EE programs more effective?
2) How can we work across agency boundaries to tackle issues like sea level rise and other climate-related vulnerabilities?

Jack Liebster will briefly (3-5 minutes) respond to the following questions:
1) Current progress County-wide
2) Challenges we face for jurisdictions to work together to achieve coherent collaborative progress
3) Steps the community can take to help achieve progress
4) Stakeholders, missing stakeholders
5) County run energy efficiency programs in place. Who is in charge of these and how are they funded

These brief responses (to very large questions) will open up the conversation for the speakers and the entire group for the bulk of our time together.

Date: Friday, February 20, 2015, 9-11AM
Where: San Rafel Corporate Center, Tamalpais Conference Room (Just off the front lobby) at 750 Lincoln, San Rafael
Parking: Lot across the street on Lincoln (free but it fills fast)

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Check out “Cool the Earth” to Help Educate Our Kids about Climate Happenings

Cool the earth logoCool the Earth engages kids and their families in climate change solutions, by increasing awareness about global warming, and inspiring people to take simple actions to reduce their carbon emissions.
Click this link to learn more:  Cool the Earth
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SN Produces Climate Video

Bob TV wide

Novatans Bob Brown and Nancy Foster have teamed up to produce a hard-hitting 30-minute documentary on coming local impacts of climate change and what local communities in Marin can do about them.

Produced by Novato Public Access Television and sponsored by Sustainable Marin, Sustainable Novato and Sustainable San Rafael, the program calls for action now and outlines a plan for more prepared, resilient, sustainable neighborhoods and towns.

Bob Brown is a Hamilton resident who has been a planning manager and director for 31 years in some of the most progressive cities in the Bay Area, including Palo Alto, Berkeley and San Mateo. He has specialized in reinvigorating downtowns into pedestrian-oriented, mixed-use/mixed-income community centers, promoting environmental protection and facilitating public involvement. He was the Community Development Director for the City of San Rafael for 12 years, and is currently acting in the same capacity for City of Novato. He authored San Rafael’s Climate Change Action Plan and is now leading an effort to create a county-wide energy efficiency and water conservation retrofit program for existing buildings.  Bob also teaches in Dominican University’s Green MBA and Sustainable Practices certificate programs.

Nancy Foster lives in Hamilton and is a mediator and trainer working in San Rafael.

In Novato, the video will air on Novato Public Access Television (NPAT) cable Channel 26 Thursdays and Saturdays at 8 PM and Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays at noon.  Sustainable Novato is also working on plans to air it on MCMC local access in San Rafael and southern Marin.

Watch the complete video right here:


We hope to produce additional programs on sustainability topics in the months ahead, and we would welcome suggestions for topics and/or potential expert guests. Just click here to leave feedback.


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“Rising Waters, Rising Rates” Forum


When?  Wednesday July 9, 7:00 – 8:30PM
Where?  San Rafael Corporate Center, 750 Lindaro Street

Commuters brave the ever-more-frequent high tide flooding in Mill Valley

Commuters brave the ever-more-frequent high tide flooding in Mill Valley

This is how Climate Change hits home . . .

As once-a-year flooding becomes once-a-month heading toward once-a-day (see picture.)

As new flood-plain maps are published by FEMA, and property owners are warned to expect big increases in their flood insurance bill. . . or are told they will have to buy flood insurance for the first time ever.

This is reality.  Today.

Can your insurance protect you from climate change?  Join us for a lively discussion of what sea-level rise means for Marin and what you can do to prepare for it.

Speakers will be

Stephen Bushnell head shotStephen Bushnell Sr.
Director Product Development
Fireman’s Fund Insurance


Geoff MargolisGeoff Margolis
Deputy Commissioner
California Department of Insurance


Sponsored by

SSR Logo floating 250 wideClick here to download a printable, post-able event flyer

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Required Reading on Climate

Mckibbon math banner 600wBill McKibbon’s July 2012 paper in Rolling Stone“Global Warming’s Terrible New Math” is rapidly evolving from just a well-researched piece on climate change to a possible “tipping point.” We may look back in a few years and say that this paper was the catalyst that (with a little help from last year’s extreme weather) finally inspired a large chunk of the public (and even our elected representatives) to demand serious national action on climate change.  In it, McKibbon quietly, persuasively “does the math” to show how close to irreversible, catastrophic we are today, and how simply burning the oil and gas that is already on on the books of our energy companies will be several times more enough to push the planet over the edge.

That is why it is so critical that the Keystone XL pipeline not be built . . . that large scale mining of the Alberta Tar Sands not move ahead.  And, that we find ways to not burn the oil we already have.

If you haven’t read it already, read it here . . . .  now.  Then plan to attend the giant February 17 rally  in Washington, San Francisco and many other cities  to stop the XL pipeline.

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