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Novato City Council Pledges 100% Clean Energy

Novato Pledges Move to 100% Clean Energy

At their September 12 meeting, the Novato City Council unanimously voted to join the Mayors for 100% Clean Energy, an initiative of the Sierra Club’s Ready for 100 Campaign, which calls on all Mayors in cities and towns across the United States to support a vision of 100% clean and renewable energy for their communities. Novato is the first city in Marin to endorse this community-wide goal of transitioning to 100% clean and renewable energy by 2050.

In June, the United States Conference of Mayors, representing over 1,400 cities, adopted a historic resolution establishing support for the 100% clean and renewable energy goal in all member cities nationwide. Novato now joins the ranks of other Bay Area cities including San Jose, San Francisco, and Palo Alto committed to this goal.

“As Mayor, it gives me great pride to have brought this item forward for our Council to consider,” said Mayor Denise Athas. “Novato is a true leader in this important effort. Now, more than ever, it’s critical to have local control on important climate issues that affect our future and the future of generations to come.”

In recent months, Novato has taken many steps to address climate change and to demonstrate its commitment to becoming a sustainable city. In July 2017, the City also joined the Mayor’s National Climate Action Agenda to raise the collective voice of cities working towards climate solutions and to build the political will for U.S. leadership on climate change.

“Novato continues to be at the forefront of sustainability,” said City Manager Regan Candelario. “Whether it was integrating recycled water into our irrigation systems, converting our streetlights to energy-efficient LEDs, or being a leader in Green Building standards, our goal has always been to reduce our impact on the environment and improve Novatans quality of life.

” The City also recently hired its first Sustainability Coordinator, Gretchen Schubeck, who will be working full time to implement the City’s Climate Action Plan and help the City and its residents reduce their collective carbon footprint.

Max Perrey, Chair of the Sierra Club Marin Group, enthusiastically endorsed the City’s action by saying, “The Sierra Club is proud of the action taken by the Novato City Council. From joining MCE’s 100% renewable Deep Green option for municipal energy use, to hiring a full-time Sustainability Coordinator, Novato is already making strides this year towards the clean energy future that we need.”

“The time to act on climate change is now, and the Sierra Club is proud to count Novato among the over 150 cities to sign onto the Mayors for 100% Clean Energy campaign to have 100% energy use within the city limits come from renewable energy sources. Setting the goal is just the first step towards the hard work of implementation. We look forward to working with the Mayor, Councilmembers and City staff to make this goal a reality.”

For more information on the City of Novato’s sustainability efforts, visit or e-mail

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“Rising Seas in California” Report – Get it here

The State has just released “Rising Seas in California,” that includes emerging science on the Antarctica and Greenland ice sheets. In calm, science-based language, the report puts the public on notice that things are changing at a faster rate. “Previously underappreciated glaciological processes, examined in the research of the last five years, have the potential to greatly increase the probability of extreme global sea-level rise (6 feet or more) within this century if emissions continue unabated.” The report also notes how for every foot of global SLR from Antarctica, California will get 1.25 feet. Special! In May-June, the State will hold workshops on how to use the new science.

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Participate in reducing your carbon footprint and have fun too! Here’s how.

Walk the talk by forming your own team!  The second session of Novato classes start on July 12th.  Click on the Calendar link on this homepage and view the July 12th entry to learn more.  Or go to the Resilient Neighborhoods website at

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100% Local Solar? That’s a bright idea! Sign up Now!

Check out Local Sol’s website for more info and learn how to sign up!

100% Local Solar Energy

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See Massive Human Impact on Our Earth

Check out this Google time-lapse high resolution map of the globe.  It shows the massive recent impacts of human activity on every part of the Earth.  Note that Marin County has remained relatively unscathed, at least visibly.  You can grab the map and drag it to the location you want to focus in on, like a logged forest or urbanized sprawl, you can stop the image in the bottom left hand corner of the screen, then you can grab the slider and move it at your own pace to the year you want to view and slide it forward in time or backward.

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SN Produces Climate Video

Bob TV wide

Novatans Bob Brown and Nancy Foster have teamed up to produce a hard-hitting 30-minute documentary on coming local impacts of climate change and what local communities in Marin can do about them.

Produced by Novato Public Access Television and sponsored by Sustainable Marin, Sustainable Novato and Sustainable San Rafael, the program calls for action now and outlines a plan for more prepared, resilient, sustainable neighborhoods and towns.

Bob Brown is a Hamilton resident who has been a planning manager and director for 31 years in some of the most progressive cities in the Bay Area, including Palo Alto, Berkeley and San Mateo. He has specialized in reinvigorating downtowns into pedestrian-oriented, mixed-use/mixed-income community centers, promoting environmental protection and facilitating public involvement. He was the Community Development Director for the City of San Rafael for 12 years, and is currently acting in the same capacity for City of Novato. He authored San Rafael’s Climate Change Action Plan and is now leading an effort to create a county-wide energy efficiency and water conservation retrofit program for existing buildings.  Bob also teaches in Dominican University’s Green MBA and Sustainable Practices certificate programs.

Nancy Foster lives in Hamilton and is a mediator and trainer working in San Rafael.

In Novato, the video will air on Novato Public Access Television (NPAT) cable Channel 26 Thursdays and Saturdays at 8 PM and Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays at noon.  Sustainable Novato is also working on plans to air it on MCMC local access in San Rafael and southern Marin.

Watch the complete video right here:


We hope to produce additional programs on sustainability topics in the months ahead, and we would welcome suggestions for topics and/or potential expert guests. Just click here to leave feedback.


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