April/May Newsflash! Take Action!

With the terrible and dangerous environmental news coming out of Washington D.C. the need to take environmental action at a local level is greater than ever!  

Here’s what we can do – ask local government to decrease greenhouse gas emissions during budget deliberations starting in April. This spring City and town councils and the County of Marin will be considering opting up to 100% green electricity (renewable, greenhouse gas-free from MCE Deep Green). San Anselmo, Fairfax, Sausalito and Belvedere already buy 100% clean energy, as does Marin Municipal Water District.
Sustainable Novato would like to see Novato take the lead and use 100% green energy for municipal uses, setting an example for all its residents.   
MCE Deep Green offers the best 100% renewable electricity option – revenues go significantly to fund local clean energy projects – and could be Novato’s next  best chance to achieve its worthy climate action plan’s goals.
Councilmembers and Supervisors rely on communications from citizens to guide them in decision making.  Writing letters and attending Council meetings can have a real impact – we know this firsthand.
We urge you to do the following:

Write a letter or email to Novato City Council

  • 922 Machin Avenue, Novato 94945 or – 
  • novatocouncil@cityofnovato.org  encouraging them to purchase 100% green electricity, MCE Deep Green, in the forthcoming budget cycle.  
Write the County too.

*  Template sample letters are attached, one for Novato and the other for the County. You can personalize them.  Please consider writing to both the Novato Council and the County.  A list of all the email addresses to whom the letters should be mailed is attached.

Your attendance at a budget hearing can make a big difference. 
*     We don’t yet know the date for the first Novato hearing. The County of Marin will be addressing Deep Green at a budget hearing on April 24.   You can choose to speak at the hearing in the comment period or simply attend to show support.

  We’d urge everyone in Novato – homeowners and businesses alike – to opt to MCE Deep Green.

A few dollars more a month on your electricity bill helps save the planet, gets us cleaner air, and protects the climate.

 If you would like more information about this initiative, contact 
Helene Marsh (415)-300-7233 or Sarah Loughran (415) 717-8581.
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